Femsteam Ptbo

if you can see me you can be me


Our Steering commiitte is a Team of Board members who all belong to different Professional and Educational backgrounds. It consists of Teachers of Peterborough Schools, Trade and Manufacturing IT Professionals, Chemistry and Biochemistry Certified Board Directors, Peterborough and Kawartha District School Boards, Peterborough County Colleges and Universities.

Alexander Duketow

Dawn Hennessey

Diane Northey

Diane Therrien

Donna Bailey PCA

Jason Jackson

Jennifer Tomlin

John Gillis

Marilyn Burns

Maureen Adamson

Michelle Fenn

Paul Hamel

Rhonda Barnet

Rhonda Keenan

Sadie Bachynski

Sandra Armstrong

Sandra Dueck

Sarah Taylor

Sofie Andreou

Suzanne McCrimmon

Valerie. Mcqueen


Maryam Monsef