Femsteam Ptbo

if you can see me you can be me



Database   Our target is to collect data  of young females who moves to STEAM field for higher education after finishing High School

Schools – Peterborough Schools are connected with this project to promote STEAM by sharing data of young females studying at schools

Associated Partners –Help in Marketing and  events for promotion of FemSteam.


Industries –  Will provide roadmap to young females to get better opportunities by collaborating with IT and Skill Trade industries in this FemSTEAM PTBO mission

Families –  First place to learn is home. Team will connect with parents to aware and guide them about STEAM and its future scope


PTBO – Make PTBO a Great County by increasing number of young females in  STEAM fields and providing work opportunities for brilliant females

Benchmark – Keep track of the success achieved by creating database that allows to see real time growth of young females in STEAM courses and workplaces

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