Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about FemSteam Ptbo.

We all know in Canada, rate of women working in skill trade is negligible compared to Men. To empower women, idea of this mission is perfect to implement

Right now we don’t have any particular location of Office for this Project but sooner we’ll have one. You can reach us anytime through our web services

It is a non-profit website and its mission is to inspire and incline young females to STEAM field by providing Bursaries to needy and Scholarships to the gems. So for that if you want to contribute we are more than happy to accept that.

Provide your documents of studies and personal as a proof that you are doing good but money has become obstacle in the way of studies and growth to apply for Bursary. Your scorecard will be a great help if you applying for any of the Scholarships we are providing. 

You can send your blogs to our registered e-mail address and our Team will post that after approval of content written in your blog.