Encouraging Young Females

Bring your own device and start learning coding, website building by watching videos and reading blogs on our website. Get certificates for winning STEAM competitions. Scholarships available for brilliant students.

Women Empowerment

In Canada, the number of females working in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics field is less compared to males. Our Mission is to decrease this gender difference by creating more work opportunities for young females.

Increase Study Resources in PTBO community

We collaborate with Colleges, Schools and IT organizations to organize tech events, code and robotics programming  and live sessions, educational trips for students in PTBO and nearby areas.

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To enjoy the our journey of FemSTEAM PTBO launch and Skill Trade events check out FemSTEAM Photo Gallery

Sofie Andreou

Sofie Andreou, Founder of 123DigitalPower, Digital Marketing Services & Training

"We'll train you or do it for you!"

Rhonda Barnett

Rhonda Barnet is the President & Chief Operating Officer of AVIT Manufacturing (formerly Steelworks Design), an engineering and custom automation firm in Peterborough, Ontario

Dawn Hennessey

As a long time business person in the area, Dawn Hennessey has enjoyed working with entrepreneurs, associations and the like for the last two decades


Women working in canada
1 M
Canadian workforce
1 %
only jobs in STEAM
1 %